The prime minister says increasing the legal age for consuming cannabis, as the Quebec government plans to do, could undermine one of the federal law’s key aims — eliminating the black market. PM hopes to discuss the matter further with premier-designate François Legault Mélanie Marquis · The Canadian Press ·Read More →

The death toll was expected to rise this weekend in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael as hundreds remained unaccounted for along the Florida Panhandle where decimated communities remained cutoff and in the dark. As of early on Saturday, state officials were reporting that at least 18 have been killed in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.Read More →

Ask Canadian officials and they’ll say the counter-tariffs Ottawa imposed on American products were a dollar-for-dollar response to U.S. tariffs imposed on Canadian steel and aluminum. Kentucky’s Republican governor has his own theory: Canada did it to make money. “People can say it was for tit-for-tat, and maybe arguably so, but it’sRead More →

When the Trudeau government agreed to a revised North American free trade deal, the Americans said Canada also agreed to something else: joining Donald Trump’s trade war on China. “The continent as a whole now stands united against what I’m going to call unfair trading practices,” Trump’s National Economic Council director Larry KudlowRead More →