Hundreds of Google engineers and other workers worldwide are expected to walk off the job Thursday to protest the company’s handling of executives accused of sexual misconduct. Walkouts were planned for 11:10 a.m. across different time zones, beginning in Asian countries. Protesters and supporters were posting photos and messages under the hashtag “googlewalkout.”Read More →

After years of delay, including lengthy court battles and passionate protests from those willing to be arrested for blocking construction crews, builders of a giant telescope plan to move forward with constructing the $1.4 billion instrument on a Hawaii mountain that is considered sacred. The state Supreme Court’s 4–1 rulingRead More →

People have been enjoying chocolate far longer than previously known, according to research published on Monday detailing the domestication and use of cacao beginning 5,300 years ago at an ancient settlement in the highlands of southeastern Ecuador. Scientists examined ceramic artifacts at the Santa Ana-La Florida archeological site, a well-preservedRead More →