For Justin Trudeau and his Canadian delegation, there was an obvious place to start a weekend of commemorations marking the centenary of the armistice that ended the First World War: The still-pockmarked battlefield at Canada’s National Memorial at Vimy Ridge. Dreary, damp skies and a chilling wind greeted the primeRead More →

Tony Clement’s admission that he told Ontario police over the summer that someone was trying to buy “intimate and personal information” he shared online raises questions about the effectiveness of the vetting process for a top-secret parliamentary committee tasked with reviewing the most sensitive work of the nation’s security agencies.Read More →

Former Conservative MP Tony Clement, dropped from caucus over a sexting scandal, is admitting to multiple cases of “inappropriate exchanges” online and says foreign actors tried to financially extort him. For the first time, the Ontario MP is also admitting that he had to contact police not once, but twice. In a letterRead More →