Kobie is having none of it. The baby boy, dressed in a tiny Batman onesie, is squirming and screeching in his playpen —but they’re happy sounds. “It’s not playtime, it’s naptime,” says his mother, Christina Casey. But she’ll allow this display of defiance from her nine-month-old.  “He’s amazing,” she said. “He’s developing good. He’s talking likeRead More →

The Medical Council of Canada says it’s reviewing its practices after being criticized online for prohibiting women from bringing tampons or menstrual pads into exam rooms while writing multi-hour tests. Dr. Michelle Cohen, advocacy chairperson with Canadian Women in Medicine, said it’s “sexist and unfair” to confiscate feminine hygiene products fromRead More →

Traffic deaths spike among children who are trick-or-treating on Halloween, particularly among kids ages four to eight, according to a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics.  The research team launched the study after noticing advertisements for Halloween parties posted to lampposts, which got them thinking about a dangerous witches’ brew: holiday revellers drivingRead More →

A new study by Canadian researchers linking a widely used class of blood pressure medications to a slightly increased chance of lung cancer highlights the balance doctors must achieve in evaluating risks versus benefits — and then communicating them clearly to their patients so they can make the best decisions forRead More →

With the recognition that physician prescribing plays a significant role in Canada’s opioid crisis, a team of researchers has developed a program called STOP Narcotics to dramatically reduce the amount of painkillers patients are given following some common operations. In a study presented Wednesday at the American College of SurgeonsRead More →

Canadians’ life expectancy may be decreasing for the first time in decades, and it’s being linked to the opioid crisis, the country’s chief public health officer says.  “Life expectancy has been steadily increasing in Canada over many years and it is comparable to other high-income countries. Alarmingly, this is expected to change,”Read More →