The ongoing controversy over what to do with statues of Sir John A. Macdonald in Canada prompted CBC’s The National to dispatch Nick Purdon and Leonardo Palleja to Regina, Sask., and Kingston, Ont., to ask: “To remove or not to remove?” Standing beside his minivan as Regina’s afternoon traffic rushes past, DavidRead More →

Sol Messinger doesn’t like to talk about his childhood, but he forces himself to because he thinks it’s important that people know what he survived. Born in Germany in 1932, Messinger is the child of Polish immigrants who had moved to escape the growing anti-semitism and deteriorating economic situation inRead More →

An internal Transport Canada investigation into a fatal crash in 2001 concluded that coach buses without seatbelts may put passengers at “unnecessary risk” of injuries, yet the document was kept hidden for years until The Fifth Estate recently uncovered it using the Access to Information Act. Instead, the federal regulatoryRead More →