Archeologists in Quebec City have discovered the first fortifications built in 1693 to protect New France from a major attack, in what is considered the first reinforced palisade of that era. The discovery was made by an archeological firm, Ruralys, that was overseeing renovation work on a building on Sainte-Ursule street, afterRead More →

The government agency that manages Quebec’s air-ambulance service said parents have been able to accompany their children on emergency flights in “98 per cent” of cases over the past month. Évacuations aéromédicales du Québec (EVAQ) said it has now fully implemented its new policy, allowing caregivers to accompany minors on medical evacuationRead More →

Confident though he was about his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin wondered why, within a single colony of ants, some became super-sized soldiers while most remained wee workers. In his seminal work, On the Origin of Species, he admitted, “This is by far the most serious special difficulty which myRead More →